Real Food? You’re nuts.

I kept seeing all these pictures of babies eating whole food- chunks of celery and apple and all kinds of things. I thought “those freaks, why would they do that?” “isn’t that baby going to choke?” “What’s wrong with puree’s?” But moms on my Facebook group (for mom’s with babies born in the same month as mine) continued to post these pictures. I have to admit my thoughts weren’t exactly kind, I wasn’t exactly open minded. But I was intrigued.
So I started reading. And thinking.
Now, my husband and I had agreed on waiting till 6 months for food. And to skip that iron fortified cereal crap. My baby has no risk factors for anemia and iron is simply not necessary. But I had already bought a cookbook for baby- all about puree’s. And even had broccoli blended and in the freezer. It’s still there actually.
But I was intrigued. So I started reading. And thinking. And listening to my gut.
Why do we do purees? I think it comes from when people started spoon feeding babies as young as a few days and weeks. This was a few generations ago- I think this must have started around the time formula was being pushed as better than breastmilk. (hint: it’s not!). Perhaps the formula they had at the time was so lacking in nutrition that babies needed something else- so they created mushy stuff to spoon food these newborns. And it just became a habit. Despite the fact that most of the country understand that breast is best, and that a majority of breast fed infants seem to be fed on demand. The habit of puree’s is just hard to break.
But why did we need to give her purees? To make sure she was getting food? Why? Breastmilk should be her main nutrition till she’s a year. Right now food is about fun and exploration. Creating a relationship with food in a light hearted manner. Choking? According to the advocates of BLW (baby led weaning) this is not usually a problem. You need to watch baby, but if they are ready to eat they can handle it. Well, babes has been shoving everything in her mouth and chewing it for months. Why couldn’t some of that stuff be actual food?
So a few days ago, skeptically, I handed baby a piece of food. Cooked cauliflower and home made potato wedges. Wait, we need to back up. The day before that babes had grabbed a green bean off of my plate and chewed it. She seem unimpressed and lost interest quickly. So now, the next day at dinner, I shared my dinner with her.
And boy did she go to town! my kid loves to eat. The potato really hit the spot and she sucked away at the innards like no one’s business. No choking. Not even gagging.
I was hooked.
Wait, you say, what happened to waiting till six moths? Well, I jumped the gun a few weeks early. She was exhibiting all the signs of readiness: tongue thrusting, was able to spit and suck, get objects to her mouth and “chew” them (still no teeth here!), interest in food, and, most importantly, able to sit very well by herself. So I figured it was time.
So I guess now I’m one of those nutty freaks I keep seeing on my Facebook group.


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