Cloth Diapers- My new obsession

I have become obsessed with cloth diapers. I was obsessed 7 months ago, when my daughter was 5.5 months old and I discovered the world of cloth diapering. This discovery coincided with black friday/cyber monday sales and I scored some serious deals. Since then I have become more familiar with the cding world, the cd stores, facebook groups, online forums, types of diapers, fabrics, diaper care, places to buy/sell/trade diapers, patterns to make your own and even the diaper creams. But for five or six months things took a sleeper. My pockets were working fine and life continued as normal. Then my addiction took a turn for the worse. My overnight solution, a Kawaii goodnight heavy wetter stuffed with a hemp insert under a bamboo insert, began to leak. Then a few of my other pockets began to relax and leak. I realized I really didn’t like the cheap fabric on the inside of some of my cuter pockets- too rough. I retired those to a drawer and replaced those with a few pockets that have nice fuzzy fleece inside. Mmmm so nice on babies skin, no?
But then I started thinking, what if there is something easier? I know I tried prefolds/covers/snappis and even wool longies/skirties when I first started this whole business. But none of it really worked for me. I traded it all in for pockets. That’s the nice part about cloth diapers, no? one of the many I mean. That if something doesn’t work you can sell it and try a new system. But I digress. I’m looking for something easier, and something that won’t leak at night. I pulled out my Sloomb, overnight bamboo fitted diaper, one I bought during my initial buying frenzy and stuck it on baby. Just at home, during the day, with no cover, no pants. It’s hot here and it’s time for a less hot diaper- one without all the hot air trapping pul fabric. This was great when it was 3 degrees outside. But now it’s 85 and baby’s buns need to breath. I fell in love. Just fell in love. I stuck her in the obf, with a wool cover over, the next opportunity I had to try it overnight. I was nervous, to say the least. I loved pockets because they wick moisture away from her skin, and I was afraid the fitted would give her a rash. But you know what? No leaks. In fact, she hardly peed at all. I’ve tried it every chance since then (it takes awhile to get it through the wash cycle) and no leaks, even on heavy wetting nights. Sloomb was having a fan appreciation sale, free diaper with 100$ ordered. I talked my husband into getting an order. Couldn’t help it- I was just plain tired of changing wet sheets. I am looking forward to retiring, selling or repurposing my overnight pockets and going to all fitteds at night.
But then I started thinking about the ease of laundry with prefolds. And that brought me to flats. And then I started thinking, what if I try every diaper system??
I’m on a mission. I want to try, and maybe even master, every cloth diaper. I have pockets down (see previous post). I know just about every brand, fabric, sized or one size, snap or velcro, how to launder, favorite: prints or solids? I got it. I’m keeping my favorite pockets and selling the rest for more diaper money. Now on to fitteds. There seems to be less selection here, and I am in love with the softness of Sloomb. They are a bit pricey, especially coming from the pocket world, but not on the upper end for fitted diapers. And they are a US company with good and eco friendly practices.
And I am in the process of ordering more prefolds, I have a few and am experimenting with types and sizes, and some snappis and even flats! Oh, and all in one diapers too.
As I experiment I will post with my experiences, pros, and cons, of each system and what I learned. Cloth diapering is a journey, and I’m addicted!


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