Fitteds: the cloth diaper experiment chapter 2

OK- started my fitteds journey. I have fallen in love with Sustainablebabyish products (known as sloomb or s’bish or a few others I can’t remember right now). I found them when researching night time cloth diapering solutions. They have a diaper called the “magic” diaper, great for overnights. I needed something for night time so I splurged on one. This was back in maybe, November? Well, My pocket solution came, and I never used it. I had to wait for my Wahm wool cover to come (it took a while, but was the cheapest I could find for wool covers). And when it did the fitted with the cover was just so ridiculously big on baby, there was no way I could put pants over it. And at 55 degrees in the house at night she needed pants. So it sat in a drawer.
Till about a week ago, when I needed a diaper to put on her in the hot weather. Something that breathed better than my pockets with pul. So i pulled out for my sloomb obf, and just fell in love. Not sure why. Maybe because it was trim? Or cute? or soft? And so absorbent! I tried it at night at the first opportunity, and not a leak! My over night pocket solution had been leaking more often than not. I was so sick of stripping and remaking my bed. Sloomb had a 10,000 Facebook fan sale, so I jumped on board!
Well, my order came in the mail yesterday and I am so in love. The diaper has been updated since November, there a few upgrades. The insert is longer, and one piece. More snaps. Bigger doubler.
Now they sit on my desk. They are just too soft to wash. And stick them int he wash with my poopy diapers? I can’t bring myself to do it. I just can’t. They make me smile every time I walk by them on the desk.
I will have to prep them eventually. She’s in her obf I bought her in November as we speak- it will need to be washed and it takes a while to dry. I bought these for night time, and I ought to prep them so I can actually use them. But they will sit one more day. Even if her pocket leaks again and I have to wash the sheets.
My fitted experiment will just have to be put on hold. My break down of the fitted will have to wait for a later post.


One thought on “Fitteds: the cloth diaper experiment chapter 2

  1. You have more patience than me! Every diaper order I’ve received has gone straight into the wash for prepping (and baby isn’t even here yet!). Maybe it is the nesting mom in me though and I will soon find myself putting off the prep work too 😉

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