Prefold Diaper Folds: Newspaper Fold

I need to keep this in mind for my fitted experiments

Baby in Cloth

Okay, so I don’t actually own any prefolds at the moment (gasp!).  So pretend that this flat diaper, which I have folded in fourths to be roughly the same size & shape, is actually a prefold.

This is a basic newspaper fold.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it works pretty darn well.  It’s not the best defense against runny newborn poo, but it does a pretty good job and takes much less time than the jelly-roll fold (which is the best defense against said newborn poo, in my experience).

Step 1: Lay diaper on flat surface or changing table.
When I used them, I would orient my prefolds so that the absorbent section would have been centered with the thinner sections to the left and right in this picture.  (As opposed to turning it 90 degrees so that the thinner sections were above and below the extra-absorbent part).  Leave me…

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