The Toys R Us Experience

The other day I found myself near a Toys R Us with the whole family.  Since we spent the day stove shopping and struck out (who knew slide in stoves were so rare?) I thought we should at least do something fun. 

Well, I haven’t been an a Toys R Us since, well, it was when one of the Harry Potter movies came out, because I was early and wandered into one while waiting for the movie to start.  For those of us with small children, a movie is like a long version of a TV show. But no is counting or singing the abc’s or telling you to eat your veggies.  

Well, Toys R Us isn’t really my thing.  I grew up as a Waldorf kid.  I had a lot of dolls (the school approved ones had no faces), train tracks, blocks, books and outside time.  I want the same for my child, but now I have a husband who can easily make all those fancy wood toys for the Moppet. So I have no idea while my family keeps sending her plastic, battery operated, light up, singing toys.  Anyway I got off track didn’t I?

Well, we wandered through the tantrum maker, I mean store. At first step a juice box was foisted upon us.  The lady looked hurt when we turned her down.  Look, the box is too small for my husband and I to share.  And the baby hasn’t been introduced to juice yet.  And it comes with a straw.  You know what she does with straws? Pulls the liquid through and then flicks it on everything.  If it doesn’t come from my boob she only gets water.  Easier to clean up.

We found the little kids section, about the right age for my almost 13 month old moppet.  They had nothing that looked remotely constructive.  And nothing that I hadn’t seen a slightly more beat up version of for 2$ on a Goodwill shelf anyhow.  

Have you noticed? Even Lego’s are no longer constructive, open ended toys.  They come as sets that look like your favorite TV show or pop star or something.  There’s one for boys, and one for girls. 

What I did find was disposable diapers.  Four aisles worth.  And that’s just what I saw while glancing around, not hunting.  My god.  I did happen to see diaper pins on an end aisle, so I got excited.  So I did start to hunt for cloth diapers.  How cool would that be? 

After a good hunt I had almost given up when I found, on the bottom corner of an end stop, hidden under some receiving blankets, a package of poor quality flats.  So, technically, they had cloth diapers.  Crappy flats and some diaper pins.  Man, if Toys R Us was my only option- limited internet, or all my gift money had been to them, I never would have cloth diapered.  No wonder so many people get the wrong idea about cloth!  It seems people had about a million disposable options, too many to comprehend (since I’m pretty sure there isn’t much difference between them, other than some brands cause baby’s to rash more than others).  But nothing, diddly squat, for cloth lovers. Oh wait, they had some pink and blue diaper pins.  But since I saw no evidence of even the old school plastic pants, you couldn’t even get a complete cloth diapering kit there.

Ok, I’ve been through Walmart.  I know they have prefolds (I got some as burp cloths from my registry) they are something of a joke.  And they have the Gerber plastic pants.  And I hear some Targets carry Charlie Bananas (that is just so cool).  But do you think that if the stores that carry every type of disposable on planet earth carried half that much selection of cloth diapering supplies, it would be more popular?

For those who have limited internet and limited resources, access to some decent cloth could save them serious money.

What would you like to see in your local retailer?

Not competing with my favorite online small businesses of course :).


3 thoughts on “The Toys R Us Experience

  1. It is worse here in Canada unfortunatly. The Toys R Us / Babies R Us doesn’t even carry the craptastic flats/prefolds that the American store does and Walmart only has Kushies which are supposedly horrible. Online in Canada we can get Grovia but our BRU online has nothing. We are limited to speciality baby stores and unless you are in a big city, good luck getting any variety. I live in the capital of the province and I am limited to Apple Cheeks or FuzziBuns.

    • Oh dear! that is bad. I have no cd stores near me at all- the closest would be two hours away and isn’t all that big. I will have to make a links page with some cd online retailers- I KNOW some of them have to sell to Canada. Shipping may be more, but a few have free shipping so maybe the cost to Canada won’t be so bad. They carry SO many varieties!

      • We have lots of great online retailers but I think a lot of people would benefit from being able to buy locally or at least being able to see the products before they order to know what they are getting

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