Thirsties Duo All in One Review

IMG_2531 Inside of the diaperIMG_2532

The “tunnel” system, see how it’s not sewn all the way down?


I got the scottish rose variation.


On baby.  Tester stats: 1 year old, 20 pounds, 29.5 inches long.  15 inch rise, 19 inch waist, 9 inch thighs.  Diaper is snapped down, so not as big as it gets.

IMG_2540 IMG_2542

I have been very hesitant to pick up any all in one diapers. I always felt like they were more for the daycare/babysitter crowd. Or for the person who is scared of cloth diapering and doesn’t really want to try pinning and folding. Plus the price point on them made me feel like having a stash of all in one’s is more for a dual income family than mine.
On the other hand, I couldn’t ignore them on my journey with cloth diapers. If I want to try and master every system I needed to try an all in one. And so when the Thirsties Duo all in one went on sale I grabbed one.

*Disclaimer*: I bought and paid for this diaper with my own (OK, my husbands hard earned) money.  It was on sale at the time.

My first impressions were that it looked very trim and felt very soft.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first, shall we?
First off these seem to have a very long dry time. They take almost as long as my fitteds to dry. Of course, the more absorbent a diaper is the longer it takes to dry. I guess this is why all in twos are popular- you can take the soaker apart for faster drying.
And the bottom part of the sewn in liner is microfiber. And I swore NO MORE of that stuff. It does feel like a bit of a cheap out. It doesn’t really touch baby’s skin though so I guess it’s ok.
I think my biggest pet peeve on these is that there is only one row of snaps on the wings. I like having the extra row to prevent wing droop. I’ve seen the same thing on Thirsty covers.
Also, coming from pockets, I’m disappointed in the selection of prints. Sure, the prints are very cute. Just not nearly as many as in pockets.

The good. Because the soaker is only sewn in on two sides you can easily flip the diaper inside out to dry it, which I did about half way through it’s dry time. It was hanging inside so it took a long time. Next time around it will be outside, so maybe the sun can speed that up.
That soaker style- called a tunnel- means that there is a little room for customization on these. If you needed more absorbency, for say overnight, you could slip (a small) doubler or folded flat and stuff it. I chose to leave the diaper as is for testing.
It is super trim. Coming from the pocket world I thought all in one’s would be really bulky, but this is the trimmest diaper I own. Perfect for showing off that rump, but also great for getting those jeans on.
They come in snaps or velcro. I personally much prefer snaps to velcro (no more velcro in this house, either). So I was glad to see these have both options at the same price. Especially since this diaper caters to the “cloth is too hard” crowd. Say, daycare workers. Often those diapers only come in velcro for easy on/off and fit.
Softness. After I washed the diaper I put it in the dryer on air dry (no heat) for ten minutes, and then line dried. And it was still amazingly soft! Even my fitteds come out a bit crispy after that treatment. I am very impressed.
Absorbency. I had to test this baby out. Actually, it came about by accident. Since I just finished stripping all of my pockets, and they were on the line, I needed a solution for our errand run. I have only relied on pockets for our outings, I just haven’t trusted anything else. But all of my pockets were a no go. And I really don’t trust my prefold folding techniques to keep accidents from happening in the car or in public. So i snapped on the all in one, expecting to have to fall back on my prefolds and covers when we got to town. I live 30 minutes from anything, so my usual routine involves at least one change while we are out. And that’s if we go to the store and come straight home. Well, we got to the store, and she was still dry feeling. After shopping, still dry. So we headed over to the pizza place. Still dry. So I drove home. Even at home, she still felt pretty dry. This baby is just about as absorbent as a fitted. I just can’t believe it lasted the whole trip and then some.
It was just so cute on, and trim and soft. I was sad to have to change her bum when it finally did feel wet enough. Not full, mind you, but wet.

I have fallen in love.  These are super easy to wash.  No unstuffing, no stuffing! No touching poopy inserts.  And I’m pretty sure these will be my new go-to diapers for outings.  I hate having to unstuff a diaper while on the go, and hate having to do it after it’s been sitting in the hot car for hours.  These can go straight into the dirty laundry when we get home, no fuss.  The softness is nice next to Moppet’s skin while spending extended periods of time in the car seat.  Plus, they are absorbent enough to handle it.  And the trimness means easier changing when Moppet is in pants.  I will be getting more of these as soon as possible.
Bottom line: These are a great diaper to add to your stash. Easy on/off, no guesswork. Soft, comfortable, absorbent and will hold all that baby and throw at it, I’m sure. I would definitely suggest these. But, because of price point and dry time, I wouldn’t want these as my entire stash. While they aren’t the most expensive all in one out there (16$ not on sale) they are still more costly than prefolds or most pockets. And because of the longer dry time you’ll need more in your stash if you plan to hang dry.
I really do love these diapers and plan on stocking up on a few more this week.

PS: The spellchecker does not believe that “poopy” “fitted”or “unstuff” are words.  I assure you readers, they are.


2 thoughts on “Thirsties Duo All in One Review

  1. Thanks for the review! It is a diaper I have been looking at to possibly add to my stash when my hubby believes my plea that we don’t have enough (we do… but who cares, right?)

    • I’ve ordered more . I am surprised at how much I really like it- and how easy it is. Moppet pooped in it right after I took those pics, and I’m nowhere near cd laundry day *sigh*. Now we’ll see how it holds up to poop! I have enough too. Well, I would, if “enough” was a thing.

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