The Wipe Emergency

I think it’s been long enough now that I can share this little humdinger.

A few months ago I was out with baby, by myself.  I am running late to my appointment as is, but I figured I’d change baby before going in anyways.  Oh dear! A poop.  And it’s nice and cold and windy out too, and I have to change her on the seat of the car.  I reach for the wipes…..and come up empty.  Yep.  I use cloth wipes, so I have to transfer the wet wipes from my changing table to the diaper bag before leaving home.  This time I neglected to do that. And no emergency wipes in the car.  This was bad.

I had to do SOMETHING.  I ended up wiping her down with tissues and napkins from a restaurant and used water from an emergency water bottle stash.

Of course, I learned my lesson.  Until the next week, when I did it again! 

Have you ever been an a wipe emergency? What did you fashion to wipe baby’s bottom?


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