Taking the Plunge

TV has been my drug of choice for some time. I love it.  It’s company when I’m home alone all day with a one  year old.  I have shows (mostly guilty pleasure ones, I’ll admit it) that I always look forward to. I grew up with TV on every evening.

When I thought about dumping it I was actually nervous.  That’s when I knew I had to get rid of it.  I kept breaking promises to myself.  “Only on while baby is sleeping.  Only an hour a day.”  I recently downgraded to a smaller, cheaper package, but my viewing habits stayed the same.  Simply couldn’t stop.  I considered getting the lowest offered package, but the only channels it offers are the shopping networks and Evangelical channels.  So I wouldn’t be watching anyway.  Why pay that much a month not to watch TV? No, it had to go.  It’s not good for me, the baby or my husband (who, believe it or not, is on board with dumping it).

I went through this two years ago, when our previous contract was ending.  Somehow I ended up with a DVR instead of dumping TV.  Hmmm.

I’ve been thinking how nice the extra 50 a month would be.  I could buy more cloth diapers! And if TV isn’t an option than I’ll get out more, do more things.  I hope.  At least it won’t be droning on in the evenings.  If I have it, I’ll watch it.  So I contacted the TV dealers (company) yesterday.  I needed to know how long we had on our contract, to see if it was worth paying the cancellation fee.  It must be something in the Cosmos, because our contract is up at the end of the month.

I was actually nervous about telling the online chat guy that yes, I would be canceling at the end of my contract.  It really felt like telling a drug deal that, no, I do not want any more from you, thank you.  It’s not the cost, really. No, you can’t get me a discount.  I don’t want it.  I just can’t help but feel that I’m paying for something that is bad for me.  Did you know that you think at a 4th grade level when the TV is on? Or that you burn more calories sleeping than watching TV? I no longer want to pay to be stupid and fat! (I’m a life long addict, so no judgement here if your TV is on as we speak.  Promise).

I’ll be waiting it out till the end of the month, to save the small cancellation fee (might as well, we already paid for the month, right?).

And you know what? My initial fear at letting it go has turned into excitement.  Nervous excitement, but still.

I’m doing it because it scared me. If I’m scared to get rid of it then it really has a hold over me.  And I need to break it.

Do you watch TV? Does it have a hold on you, or do you have better self control than I do? Would you ever consider dropping it?


One thought on “Taking the Plunge

  1. Not watching so much TV will give you a lot more time to do other things whether it be with baby or being creative or being physically active. You won’t regret getting rid of the TV.

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