Quick money saving tip

Do you cloth diaper? If you have stepped foot into the cloth diapering world at all you will know about covers.  And wool covers.  Did you know that fleece works pretty darn well, too? You can buy fleece covers, almost always made by work at home moms, for cheaper than wool.  

But I discovered an even cheaper method to cover my daughter’s fitteds at night.  Fleece pants.  Did you know that polar fleece pants work as a diaper cover? Wash with a dryer sheet and it will be even more water proof.  I usually pick these baby’s up used for under 5$ a piece.  Just wash in  your regular laundry or diaper laundry. 

Not as fancy as wool.  And I’m growing to love wool.  But when I need something long and warm, and cheap, I pull her fleece pants out of the drawer. Just make sure it’s synthetic, polyester.  

You’re welcome :).  


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