Throwback Thursday: On the Line

When  you step into the cloth diapering world you will find that there are some pretty heated debates.  Bring up the word dryer and you will get as many sides to the story as there are cloth diaper types. Put your PUL in the dryer on hot- it needs heat to seal it.  PUL should never be put in the dryer it delaminates.  Similar story for cotton, hemp, bamboo and microfiber. Most of the cloth diapering world seems able to agree on one thing: line drying saves you energy, money, and is probably better for your diapers.

I don’t know about you, but I just love the look of laundry out on the line. Especially all those pretty cloth diapers.  The cute patterns- or the old fashioned look of flats.  Maybe it just brings me back to a simpler time. Either way- this post has some serious eye candy if you like the look of hanging diapers.

Now I put all my diapers in the dryer, on low, all winter.  Drying the wipes and microfiber on hot after the pockets were done.  No ill effects. But I did this because I thought line drying was out of the question- most days the thermometer never got above freezing. No one wants frozen diapers.  But it turns out- you don’t need a big yard.  Or a yard.  Or a fancy system. Or nice weather. Or really, anything special at all, to line dry your diapers.

This Momma found a drying rack at a thrift store and puts it on her small porch.  When the weather is bad she brings it in.  She adds a fan to speed up drying and keep them from getting stiff.


These next two Momma’s use their decks to hang diapers.ImageImage

Hanging diapers can get you outside, enjoying the sun, if you have the space to do it like these next Mommas. ImageImageImage


Those are some pretty places to do your laundry, no?

But I don’t have a place to hang a clothes line! This Momma doesn’t have a line- and doesn’t need it! she uses her fence and some hangers. Image

But I don’t have a yard, you say.  Or a porch.  Or a deck. I just have to use a dryer. No, you do not! This next Momma hangs diapers indoors.  She has them in front of the windows.  I never knew this, but guess what? The sun will take out spots even through the window pane.ImageThis next family clearly figured out the hanger and the window trick, and combined the two.Image

Ah, but my weather is so unpredictable! It may rain on my diapers.  This system is a hybrid- start them outside in the nice weather, and move the whole thing inside when the weather acts up.ImageThis next Momma shares a space with extended family.

She writes: “We are temporarily cohabiting with my in-laws, so space is limited. There are 3 dvd racks holding up the coats and bags in the back. And a baby gate supporting the front rack. And the rods are cheap curtain type rods. Hence two being taped together”.  Not only is this Momma not able to hang outside, but she is cramped for space too.Image

Oh, my HOA would never allow such a contraption in the yard!  This Momma’s doesn’t either.  So her line is retractable- that way she can pull it in when the diapers are done and none are the wiser.Image


So now I think I’ve eliminated just about every excuse to not hang dry your diapers.  And I hope I’ve inspired you to figure out a way to hang dry your diapers. Never underestimate the ingenuity of cloth diapering families!


I want to send out a big thank you to all the Momma’s who sent in their pictures of diapers on the line (or fence, or deck, or cd rack, for that matter)! Could not have done it without you.


Disclaimer: I had permission to use these Momma’s photos.  YOU DO NOT.  So please, no copying! These are all property of the kind Momma’s on the cloth diaper support group. Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: On the Line

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I’m currently pregnant with my first, and I’ve been looking at my deck trying to think of how it would work to hang diapers. I think I now have an idea!

    • You’re welcome Carrie. I’m hoping to use my blog to pass on nuggets of wisdom to other new mommy’s. So I hope you can find more, and continue to find more, information on my blog to help you out. And healthy happy pregnancy and birth to you :).

  2. I think mom’s who cloth diaper are brave and very selfless and dedicated! kudos! Also I think some of the cloth diapers they have these days are TOO CUTE! I used disposable diapers and even with those, my 5 little ones had me beyond busy morning to late at night and I STILL had lots of laundry to do every single day for decades! Now they are all independent young adults and I only have to do one small load a day for me and my hubby. Ahhhh sooo easy lol

  3. Is it weird that I think all those colours hanging about are so pretty? I haven’t got kids yet but many of my friends are starting to use these kinds of diapers. I know I would use these too when I have kids in the future.

    • No! Not at all. I think even the flats, in all their stark whiteness, are pretty on the line. But all the pretty colors of modern cloth are one of the big reasons a lot of people switch. Prettier, and you save money? That’s rare.

  4. I would have never thought to hang inside in a window. I thought I was stuck on rainy days using the dryer thank you so much for sharing this! What a great idea

  5. I had to use cloth diapers on my children as they were allergic to the disposable. Wish they would have had these way back then

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