Using up all those plastic grocery bags

I try to be good.  I really do.  I try to remember my reusable bags every time I go to the store. But somehow I end up with a cabinet full of plastic grocery bags.  Even when you bring a bunch of your own bags it always seems the bag person finds some excuse to put something in plastic.

So we tried to reduce, now it’s time to reuse. I have a few ways to use up my plastic bags.

As bathroom garbage can liners- at least it’s getting one more use before getting tossed, right?


As fabric. You can iron your bags together and make a sewable fabric.  Here’s a tutorial on how to do that:

And here they make plastic fabric in cool colors,

What to do with your new matieral? All kinds of things.  Wet bags come to mind. If you cloth diaper you know how important those are.  Even if you don’t, a waterproof bag could be really useful for the beach or pool.


As stuffed animal stuffing.  I figured this one out one day when I really needed something to stuff a toy I just made for my daughter. Cut up the bags, roll them in tubes, or just jam them in.  It makes the stuffy surprisingly squishy soft, while still having a slight crinkle sound that babies eat up.


What do you do with all those plastic grocery bags? Share your creative ideas!